Discover Batukaras

The beauty of Batukaras lies not only in its surf. Rich in culture and nature, there are many other things to do after a refreshing surf. Take a cruise on your motorbike, explore the town and enjoy local delicacies. 

Fresh Seafood 


Being a coastal town, Batukaras offers freshly caught lobsters, crabs, octopus all kind of seafood with nasi, tempe, tofu, sambal, vegetables, all served on a big banana leaf. 

Local Warungs


​Local warungs are aplenty as well. Some of our favourites are  Warung Soto Bu Engkar on the way to Cijulang with a nice view over the river, Ibu Ade and Mak Uti's in Cijulang, as well as Nasi Padang in Parigi town. 

Banana Leaf BBQ


Enjoy freshly caught fish served in the traditional way - on huge banana leaves. The locals will also prepare a special type of rice, Nasi Liwet, known for its fragrance from a unique mix of spices. 

Green Canyon

gc 5.JPG

This  incredible attraction is actually a flow of the river that passes through the cave full of beauty and stalagmite charm.

In addition, this region is also flanked by two hills, also with many rocks and groves. Everything was formed as a life that is so unique and so difficult to explore than you can imagine...

Local paths

juls skate 2.jpg

Enjoy your hobbies in an unforgettable landscape, surrounded by rice fields and empty roads, on days without waves you don't have to be idle, we can go to explore the surroundings.

Jojogan Waterfalls 


Jojogan features a 30-meter waterfall flowing along terraced contours. into a large pool where you can enjoy the clear spring water. There is also a 50-meter natrual cave that blends with the river.

Batu Hiu 


A beautiful stretch of beach with dark and soft sand. Sit back and watch majestic waves roll in against a sunset backdrop. At the back of the beach, there is a small hill with blooming Pandan Wong trees. Take in the seabreeze and enjoy the view from on top of the hill.